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Stainless Steel Tumbler And Its Properties

Stainless Steel Tumbler And Its Properties

 Stainless steel is one of the variants of steel that is resistant to rust making it the best option for cooking food and cold storage. Stainless steel tumbler is a hard product that is good enough for outside use, plus it comes in different styles which gives it a glamorous look as well. A lot of people have been known to provide tumblers with their favorite branded logos and with elegant designs for their loved ones.

A stainless-steel tumbler is very long-lasting, generally speaking, they can easily last up to 10-12 years. A lot of manufacturers provide lifetime warranties because of their durability. But, it’s not just the durability, these steel tumblers maintain a very good level of hygiene providing a much safer and more convenient option compared to plastic and glass.

A tumbler can be used for both cold and hot drinks

To many, it may sound incorrect, but tumblers are pretty dynamic when it comes to their usage. There was a time when tumblers only served the purpose of pouring cold drinks but, long gone are those days now.

Double wall stainless steel tumbler insulates for both hot & cold beverages. Hot beverages such as coffee, tea, and hot chocolate are some of the beverages that are most commonly served in steel tumblers in order to keep them warm just long enough to finish it.

Similarly, they are perfect for cold beverages as well. The wide opening helps add ice cubes to it. The most common beverages poured in steel tumblers are ice tea, cocktails, lemonade, fruit juice, and soft drinks.

best stainless steel tumbler

Food-grade material

The best stainless steel tumbler is considered a food-grade material by many health organizations around the world. This means that a stainless-steel tumbler will not transfer any harmful or toxic substance into the beverage that it holds inside it.

It is less reactive

Since these tumblers are made of stainless steel it also makes them less reactive to food and beverages. Other metals often show a reaction to acidic ingredients such as vinegar. Sometimes accidentally a chemical reaction takes place which could prove very harmful to our health. In contrast, stainless steel has proved to be less reactive making it a much safer option to use.

double wall stainless steel tumbler

Steel tumblers are bacteria resistant and do not decay

Steel tumblers can be used for decades without ever decaying, on the contrary, plastic contains substances that start to decompose with the passage of time. Most plastic materials have small pours that become home to bacteria contaminating the liquid poured in those glasses, steel tumblers are bacteria resistant and are easily washed away which reduces the risk of bacteria contamination.

Preferred choice to do sublimation

The stainless steel sublimation tumbler is the most in-demand tumbler in the market. Because of its demand, stainless steel tumbler bulk buying is very common. The process of sublimating on a steel tumbler requires a polyester coating, this is done through powder coating after which the sublimation process begins. In order to sublimate a steel tumbler, a sublimation printer and ink are required.

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