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Clear Acrylic Tumbler Benefits And Prices

Clear Acrylic Tumbler Benefits And Prices

If you’re looking for the perfect drinkware for your everyday use, then acrylic glasses are the best option to choose from. A clear acrylic tumbler is an ideal product for commercial and home use. Not only this, but acrylic glasses are also much safer to use compared to glasses with other kinds of material.

Plastic drinking glasses usually contain Bisphenol which is a harmful material and can lead to several health issues in the long run including infertility.

Acrylic is classified as glass and is a reusable product that is also wear-resistant just like other plastics. First introduced in the market in 1933 acrylic material has since then gained immense popularity for being UV resistant. It has become an excellent substitute for traditional glass due to many reasons. Some of the main benefits of acrylic glass over its substitutes are mentioned below:

Its thirty times stronger and two times lighter

Although categorized as glass acrylic sheets are a form of plastic and offer much greater flexibility. When these sheets are processed and molded into acrylic glass it becomes thirty times stronger than regular glass. Another advantage that an acrylic glass has over its substitute product is that it’s at least two times lighter than other drinkware.

acrylic tumbler cups

Acrylic glass is hardwearing

It’s the most durable glasses on the market, they do not wear out easily nor do they lose their color easily. If acrylic glasses are properly maintained they can be very easily used for more than 10 years. It also has the same thermal efficiency of a glass and is moisture resistant as well which helps in keeping liquid inside it for days.

There have been many myths regarding acrylic glass, the most common being that it degrades in oil and water, but, no evidence has ever been found regarding such claims. It is also an insoluble material making it water resistant even though it contains properties that are similar to a plastic.

Acrylic drinkware comes in a variety of shapes

Acrylic tumblers are used for many different reasons both in homes and commercially. Acrylic tumbler with straw is used mostly to serve juices in the commercial sector, they are considered a cheap yet elegant substitute for drinkware glasses. These acrylic tumbler cups come in many different shapes and designs, the reason being the acrylic material is not dense enough.

acrylic tumbler with straw


If we talk about clarity, acrylic is way clearer compared to glass. Statistics show that glass allows only 80% of the light while acrylic can allow more than 92% of light because acrylic glass allows so much of the light to pass through that a glass might start looking milky when compared to acrylic. This helps tumblers look more attractive and inviting to drink from.


Acrylic tumbler prices are cheaper compared to glass. The main reason that contributes to this is the fact that acrylic is a cheaper raw material compared to glass. Buying wholesale acrylic tumbler online are available at discount rates which lower the prices even more. Wholesale acrylic tumblers can Range between 2-3 dollars depending on the quality.


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