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5 Sublimation Mug Types To Buy In 2022

5 Sublimation Mug Types To Buy In 2022

Do you know that the global sublimation drinkware is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of over 3.1% over the forecasted period of 2019–2025? The credit for the increase in demand goes to the food and hospitality industries as beverage consumption continues to be at an all-time high.                         

While all of these statistics hint toward a positive future for the sublimation drinkware blanks business, we are here to dive deep into one category in particular which is sublimation mugs.

If you are looking to stock up on new mugs, we have compiled a guide based on what types can go well in 2022 - keeping in mind essential factors like product innovation and eco-friendliness. 

1.  Coffee Mugs

Let’s begin with a category that has been dominating in the wholesale drinkware - coffee mugs. Although these mugs are built to serve coffee, they can still be used for other hot beverages such as tea and water.

Such mugs come with handles and are cylindrical, but you can also find them in unique styles and shapes. Typically, coffee mugs are made up of ceramic as the material is known to handle hot drinks well, is dishwasher safe, and is also microwavable.

drinkware tumblers

2.  Water Mugs

Designed to serve or tore water, these types of mugs come in straight and tapered-side styles.

They are most in-demand in drinkware tumblers as gym-goers or people who are constantly on the go always need a bottle to store water. 

These mugs are made up of durable materials like plastic and stainless steel. Furthermore, printing time markings to help people keep track of their water intake can work best for customers. There is a lot of variety in this category that you can find on Kupresso.

3.  Travel or Vaccum Mugs

Another great alternative for people on the go is travel or vacuum mugs. They are vacuum-insulated multipurpose mugs that can be used to store hot or cold beverages for as long as one wants.

The most common material used to make such type of mug is stainless steel as it offers maximum heat retention. Moreover, with lid preventing any risk of spilling, there is a rubber grip around that makes it easier to carry around.

4.  Camping Mugs

Camping mugs are more specialty mugs that are targeted toward a certain type of consumer - the ones who love outdoor recreation.

Since these types of mugs are used outdoors or in rough environments mostly, therefore they are made up of highly durable materials such as enamel or stainless steel. They are also double-wall insulated to retain either heat or cold so that campers could keep their beverages at the desired temperature for as long as they want.

wholesale drinkware

5.  Glass Mugs

Glass mugs carry a charm similar to that of acrylic drinkware sets. The only difference is that with glass in its composition, these mugs turn out to be ideal for holding high-temperature contents for long periods.

Fulfilling both functional and aesthetic purposes, glass mugs are suitable for everyone as compared to traditional drinkware or specific types as stated above.

Now that we have listed all the best types for you, we would still recommend you to do your research on the market that you want to cater to and then proceed with the right choice.

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